Live Music Review: Harry Styles performs at Ibrox for first-ever stadium gig

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Ibrox was a very different place last Saturday (June 11th). Typical football fans were replaced by a swarm of people dressed in flared trousers, feather boas and pink cowboy hats. With Ibrox looking as colourful as ever, it’s safe to say Glasgow was ready for Harry Styles.

As 50,000 fans made their way into the stadium, Harry’s supporting act Mitski made her way onto the stage. The performance included a lot of fan favourites like Washing Machine Heart and I Bet on Losing Dogs

The singer caused some controversy after her performance. She included lots of dancing as well as some provocative moves with her microphone. Online, some say it’s hypocritical to be uncomfortable when Harry Styles will dance in a similar way and be showered with praise.

Either way, the Japanese-American performer really warmed up the crowd ahead of the main show.

Harry graced the Ibrox stage in a sparkly blue and yellow two-piece with sequined strawberries, looking as stylish as ever. As soon as he entered the stage, Ibrox erupted with the roar of his fans which could be heard for miles.

Image Credit: Carly McKim

He greeted the fans by saying: “Thank you so much, this is my first ever stadium show and I’m going to let you in on a secret… I like it.”

His opening song came from his new album, Harry’s House.

Music for a Sushi Restaurant started playing and everyone rose to their feet ready to try and dance as well as Harry.

Golden and Adore You then followed, giving the crowd no chance to rest, only to dance. The excitement from Harry and his band radiated from the stage and infected the crowd, creating an amazing atmosphere. 

Musical harmonies filled the stadium as Styles and his band of extremely talented musicians put on the show of a lifetime. It was the opening night for ‘Love On Tour,’ after all. 

The stage extended into a runway which Styles made sure to make use of; running around singing and waving to fans as he went. He even managed to rock a Scotland flag that he swiped from the hands of a fan.

The band were given a lovely introduction from Harry halfway through the set and a well-deserved round of applause by the audience followed. His band for ‘Love On Tour’ was outstanding and truly talented. Paired with Styles, the performance put on at Ibrox was something you wouldn’t forget.

The dancing stopped for a few tracks as Harry graced our ears with emotional ballads such as Fine Lines and Matilda, bringing a tear to my eye.

Image Credit: Carly McKim

Harry performing Sign of the Times was something else. The stadium lit up with phone torches and swaying hands that held them high. 

The juxtaposition of the loud drums and guitar of the band to the soft piano melody brought a melancholy atmosphere to the crowd. As Harry performed, the audience performed with him in this touching moment. 

But it was time to wipe our tears and get our dancing shoes back on once again for the final songs of the setlist. 

As songs like Watermelon Sugar, Kiwi and As It Was played, we were met once again with booming drums, roaring guitar, piano and bass. The sight of Harry Styles’ dance moves encouraged us all to join in one last time.

When the show ended and the sea of pink cowboy hats began to leave the stadium, there was no doubt that Harry had brought the love to Glasgow on his first night of ‘Love On Tour.’ 

Featured Image Credit: The Guardian

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