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Live Review: Penny Mob at Broadcast

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Penny Mob invited Brig to their show at Broadcast in Glasgow on Sunday night.

If you’re not sure who they are, let us explain.

The band was formed by Scottish songwriter and actor Jamie Quinn, alongside childhood and actor friend Andrew Mullen. 

With Jay Luther on bass, Jamie on vocals and Andrew on drums, Penny Mob was formed. 

Penny Mob describe themselves as an “indie alternative rock with the lyrical commentary of punk.” 

With 506 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 700 followers, they are still small but can only grow from here. 

We were met with two support acts before the main show – Hazy Sundays and Local Authority – who deserve their own honorary mention.

Penny Mob’s Performance

They really set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Penny Mob graced the tiny stage of Broadcast at 9 p.m. to start their show. 

The band got the crowd gong by chanting “we are the mob” 

A clever play on words similar to the chants of the mods from the 1970s. 

“Intoxicate”, “Party Animal” and “Revolution” were the first songs to play. The energy filled the room with these fan favourites. 

Penny Mob’s performance was lively and energetic. 

Although it was a small crowd it didn’t sound like it, the band knew how to get people going.

Singing and dancing, the atmosphere was very good. 

Penny Mob also showed us that they can bring the pace down a notch with calmer, more thoughtful music. 

Jamie performed “Diamond Girl” for his girlfriend that was in the crowd, which we can only guess is about them.

The set also included track “Back in the day” which touched on themes like what it is like growing up in a place like Scotland.

The overall vibe of the show and music gave off lots of Glaswegian pride. 

In the final quarter of the show, the energy was boosted with Penny Mob giving us a cover of classic techno tune “Children of the Night” which everyone enjoyed. 

The show closed with the song “I’m Alive” and with that, the small show was over. 

After their performance, we caught up with lead singer Jamie Quinn. 

After asking if Kathy is returning to “Two Doors Down” (he wouldn’t say), Quinn told Brig that Penny Mob will be releasing new music very soon.

Penny Mob’s music can be found on their Spotify so keep an eye out for a new tune. 

Featured Image Credit: Sofia Carlotta Sculati

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