Viral TikTok leads to Armenian Eurovision entry reaching UK song charts

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The song which represented Armenia in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has placed number 26 on the UK charts after the song went viral on the social media platform TikTok.

The song, which was sung by artist Rosa Linn, 22, was featured as the music to a marriage proposal on the social media platform. That marriage proposal video now has over 17 million views.

It is important to point out that views on TikTok do not correlate to a position in the music charts automatically. Instead, users of the application will have used a music streaming service which contributes to a song’s location in the music charts.

The song has now enjoyed more success than it did at Eurovision, as it has also charted in Africa and the USA. In May at the Eurovision Song Contest, Armenia finished in the bottom half of the table, placing 20th out of 25 countries.

The song is one of only two songs to gain a position in the UK music charts, the other was the UK’s own entry by Sam Ryder called In Space.

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Linn has already expressed a desire to represent Armenia next year, telling BBC News that she would “love to” represent her country again.

Brig previously reported how next year’s Eurovision will be held in the UK, after Ukraine, which won this year’s contest, was not deemed a practical option due to the ongoing conflict with Russia.

It will be the ninth time that the UK has hosted the contest, and bidding for locations as the host city will open on Monday.

You can listen to the song by Rosa Linn, which has went viral here.

Featured Image Credit: Armenian Public TV

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