The University of Stirling is the ‘only university in Scotland’

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According to a Scottish comedian the University of Stirling is the ‘only university in Scotland’.

Speaking on GB News, Leo Kearse said: “Aberdeen University isn’t a real university. The University of Stirling is the only university in Scotland.”

Presenters Andrew Doyle and Nick Dixon are joined by Kearse as they react to an article in The Times where it is revealed that Aberdeen University has introduced a trigger warning for the children’s fantasy novel Peter Pan. The University suggested that the book could be “emotionally challenging.”

Kearse also said, “Aberdeen University is a creche for babies…” Image Credit: GB News

In a discussion about the introduction of content warnings on the children’s books, Kearse said: “Aberdeen University is not for five-year-olds, this is for young adults, students are going there.”

“This clearly isn’t something that should be challenging, even for six-year-olds.”

Other books given content warnings include The Railway Children, Treasure Island and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Host of the show Andrew Doyle adds: “All of this sort of stuff is so obviously self-discrediting.

“If a university starts doing this, they surely know that people are going to ridicule them, and they can’t complain when they do.”

Comic Nick Dixon then quips: “Peter Pan never grows up and these students never want to grow up apparently.”

Aberdeen University outlines that content warnings are issued on “material you may find distressing on issues including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, colonialism, slavery, violence.”

As the discussion concludes, Kearse proclaims that the University of Stirling is the only university in Scotland.

Kearse, who describes himself as “one of the UK’s few openly right-wing comedians” also commented on Twitter. He said: “Aberdeen University is a creche for babies who need a trigger warning that Peter Pan might make them cry.”

Speaking to the P&J, a spokesperson for the University of Aberdeen said: “Our guidelines on content warnings were developed in collaboration with student representatives and we have never had any complaints about them – on the contrary students have expressed their admiration for our approach.

“Our content warnings reflect the fact that every student is different, and do not seek to tell them what they should or should not find challenging.”

Featured Image Credit: Harry Williamson / GBNews

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