Heartstopper: Pride, Paris & Prom as Season 2 release date officially announced by Netflix

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Netflix adaptation of Alice Oseman’s acclaimed webcomic, turned book series, ‘Heartstopper’ was a huge success last year both critically and with audiences upon its release, leading to two more seasons of the show being greenlit almost instantly.

Heartstopper follows two LGBTQ+ boys, Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) as they experience their first love and friendship in high school.

The show gained attention for being an optimistic story of acceptance, pride, and love when many gay shows focus on trauma, homophobia, and similar subjects.

After teasing fans throughout the day, Netflix posted an official announcement, accompanied by a short behind-the-scenes video, that season two of the show will hit the streaming platform on August 3rd.

A later post gave us some teases of what to expect:

Kit Connor has added that the new season is “just a different vibe to season 1”, with Joe Locke stating that Charlie’s story is “a bit more mature” than what came before.

This comes just weeks after Alice Oseman announced that Volume 5 of the beloved book series will be published on November 9 2023 in the UK. Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand with a final Volume 6 to follow.

Netflix has promised it will continue to tease and announce other releases to its platform throughout this week.

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