Rubber Chicken Theatre’s ‘Addams Family’ review: Creepy, Kooky, and Delightful

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Rubber Chicken Theatre’s recent production of The Addams Family musical at the MacRobert’s Arts Centre from 20-22 October delighted, scared & made audiences laugh during its 3-night run.

The show is structured like an episode of the classic program. Mostly set within the confines of the cooky Addams house, it revolves around Wednesday Addam’s upcoming marriage to boyfriend Lucas and the events that precede it.

The quality of the performance was overall very high; with Gomez being a stand-out, as well as Wednesday, a younger performer with a Broadway voice.

The script is laugh-a-minute stuff with constant quips for the younger folk and innuendos for the adults and the line delivery couldn’t have been better. The cast clearly relished the material and their energy never faltered throughout the 2+ hour show.

Granny Addams provided and was the subject of some of the best laughs; as Gomez and Morticia confusedly try to deduce whether she is in fact part of the family or just some random old bum.

The songs themselves – as this is a musical – are bops. Act 1’s closing number ‘Full Disclosure’ is the highlight, with its joyful revelation of secrets – Fester is in love with the moon and its dramatic mid-song, ‘Waiting’, to which Gomez remarks, “that’s too dark… even for us!” is one of the most darkly comedic moments of the show.

However, the music numbers could have been done with better sequencing or spacing as Act 2 is very ballad loaded, which means subsequently that some songs blend into each other.

The aren’t many musicals that can mix dark humor with absurdities such as a fat, bald man of “no specific sexuality” falling in love with the moon but somehow the Addams Family does just that. A few mistakes, some mic troubles & some not-so-smooth scene transitions aside, Rubber Chicken Theatre’s production was creepy, kooky, and delightful.

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