Live Review: Joshua Bassett in Glasgow

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On May 8, the queue for the SWG3 was filled with eager fans in anticipation of Joshua Bassett’s first Glasgow gig.

Support act, Stacey Ryan, a simple girl with a guitar performance, was a great start to the night with her cover of Adele’s When We Were Young being a particular standout moment.

However, when Joshua himself hit the stage, fans screamed in delight as he burst into an exuberant performance of two of his poppier, upbeat tracks: Feel Something, followed by Secret.

Finally Free, introduced as one of the songs written by Josh for HSMTMTS (Disney+’s High School Musical show) was met with some of the best reactions, with fans belting the lyrics and Joshua bouncing around the stage and even dancing atop a footstool. In true Glasgow fashion, fans chanted the “Here we f-cking go!” anthem to the confusion of the performers!

Video Credit: Ben Macswan

Security was kept on their own feet (very much throughout the entire night) as Joshua hopped into the crowd and performed one of his earlier songs, Common Sense, acoustically. The spot was marked by an ‘x’, of which those ‘in the know’ were already gathered around. After that, he performed another number or two walking at the edges of the crowd, high-fiving and shaking fans’ hands.

Despite the audience engagement and generally feel-good nature of the event, tears were definitely shed as Joshua told of his battles with mental health, the time he nearly died of heart failure and his turn to faith (which has garnered much publicity on social media).

Lifeline was one of the emotional cores of the evening and one of Joshua’s best songs in his discography so far.

Video Credit: Ben Macswan

After an incident in the crowd, things were put on hold just before the encore, but the band and Joshua came back out for one more song with She Said He Said She Said to end the night on a high.

Joshua has proven himself to be a great new voice in pop and gives even the similar, but more well-established, Shawn Mendes, some healthy new competition.

Featured Image Credit: Ben Macswan

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