Increase in community councils in Stirling

Ryan Barclay reports on the increase of community councils in Stirling

Credit: Stirling Council


Stirling has managed to form 39 community councils following a nomination process, which Stirling Council described as a “strong voice” for the 93,750 residents of the local area.

The formation of 39 community councils is a significant increase on the previous year, where only 30 community councils were formed.

Councillor Chris Kane, who is the Convener of the community Planning and Regeneration Committee said that he was “delighted” with the outcome and that community councils “act as voice for their local area”.

Vice-Convener Councillor Maureen Bennisson described the number of councils formed as an “excellent response”, adding that “it is essential that the views of residents be accurately represented through the medium of community councils”.

However, despite the increase in the number of formations, with 39 out of a possible 42 community councils being formed, the areas of Hillpark and Milton, Buchanan, and Plean are still not represented. Nonetheless, the council is examining ways in which it can connect with people who live in these areas.

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