Union Elections Nominations open for 2023

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The nominations for the Union Elections officially opened on Monday, January 30, marking the start of the Stirling union election period. 

There are 18 posts up for election including four full-time paid sabbatical roles. 

The Sabbatical team consists of four main positions – Union President, Sports Union President, Vice President Education and Vice President Communities. They work on campaigns, projects and represent the student voice in Stirling. 

Currently, Tash Miller is Union President, Murray Bushell is Sports Union President and Jess Reid is Vice President Communities. The role of Vice President Education remained unfilled at the last elections, with the Union keen for the role to be occupied this year. 

“The current Sabbatical Officer team have been ensuring that key aspects of the Vice President Education role have continued throughout this difficult year. With nominations now open for the 2023 Union Elections, we hope that many students will consider standing for a position, including all of our Sabbatical Officer positions.”

Both Tash and Jess announced on their Instagram accounts that they will not be re-running for their positions. 

“For the last 3 years, I’ve announced a campaign in the Student Union elections, which is why it’s particularly difficult this year to say that I won’t be re-contesting my position as your Student Union President. I’ve genuinely loved my job – the good, the hard and everything in between. The last 8 months have been unreal and I’m sure the last 4 will be amazing. But it’s time for me to wave goodbye to Stirling and I’m looking forward to seeing where I head next.”

Tash Miller, Union President, on Instagram @stir_president

“From working with our clubs and societies to campaigning for students on issues such as the cost of living crisis, I have LOVED every part of my job and am excited for my remaining 4 months. It has its’ challenges but there’s nothing about this year that I’d changed. It’s simply the right time for something new for me.”

Jess Reid, Vice President Communities, on Instagram @stir_communities

Both encouraged people to consider running for roles in the upcoming elections, something the Union seconded. 

“By standing in the upcoming Elections, students have an amazing opportunity to gain experience in leading, developing and supporting campaigns for change and shaping the students’ experience at Stirling. Any University of Stirling student can stand in the Union Elections, whether they’re an Undergraduate or Postgraduate, in the middle of their studies or due to graduate in June 2023. We’d encourage students from all backgrounds to stand; represent the student voice in an exciting year ahead; and achieve political, social, and educational change that will have a lasting impact!”

The Union are also offering drop-in sessions if students would like to discuss the roles with current officers.

Alongside the sabbatical roles, there are 14 Volunteer Officer roles across 3 zones; Communities, Education and Sports. 

Communities Zone
Education Zone
Sports Zone

Key Dates

The nominations close on February 14 with the official candidates announced two days later on the 16th. 

Campaigning for Union Election positions then begins on the 21st before the voting opens on February 28. 

Voting closes on March 2, and the results are announced March 3.

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