Historic Stirling clock to be rebuilt after controversial demolition

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Stirling Council has announced plans today to rebuild the Christie Clock after it was demolished on September 1.

Initially a review of a restoration project on the pillar, crown, and clock was promised. Now, a month later the Council have updated their plans.

According to the Council’s statement, “Specialist consultants will now identify and decide the most appropriate conservation and rebuild process for the structure before a detailed cost plan and work programme is presented for Council for approval before the end of March 2024.”

Issues had been raised surrounding the structural integrity of the 117-year-old clock after a safety inspection had been carried out. 

The removal of the head and the body of the clock was controversial amongst residents. With no prior warning the clock was demolished.

Many felt the job was rushed and unnecessary, especially considering the clock’s historic relevance and being listed by Historic Environment Scotland.

Speaking on the issue, Stirling Council Leader Chris Kane said:

“The demolition of such a well-known Stirling landmark was a distressing sight for us all and we share the public’s concern at how this happened.”

Chris Kane

Stirling MSP Evelyn Tweed has been disappointed with the council’s handling after she put through an FOI about the situation. 

Having responded on the final day of the 20-day deadline, the council merely informed the MSP that the enquiry is to be dealt with under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations.

This comes with another 20-day deadline attached, which Tweed called ‘disappointing’ and ‘outrageous’.

Since the update today about the plans for the rebuild, Tweed stated on Twitter/X:

It’s clear from meeting that Clock will be rebuilt however I still believe that transparency is lacking on this issue & I am still pushing for a full response from Council to my initial letter.

Evelyn Tweed

The council has also promised to ensure Stirling’s cultural assets like the clock are protected. A new heritage strategy for the Stirling area is in development to involve the community.

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