Sports Communication Officer candidate Zilong Guan aiming for expansion and understanding

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Third year sports studies student, Zilong Guan, is campaigning for better communication between coaches and athletes as part of his ambition for Sports Communication Officer. 

Having previously coached, Guan was keen to speak on the importance of communication within a team even in younger age groups, “I’ve worked with children, teaching basketball strategies and skills.”

Guan has been an active part of the Stirling University Basketball club for the past two years and is passionate about expanding the sports opportunities the Union already has to offer.

“I think it will be best if the Sports Union increases different services for students, maybe even different sports.” 

He also spoke about how to better the performances of the athletes. Connection and understanding between coaches and athletes needed to be key within clubs for University sports to continue to excel.

“I think athletes and coaches need to work better together. Sometimes athletes don’t understand coaches’ purpose and sometimes coaches need different thinking to improve athletes and then misunderstandings occur.”

The importance of togetherness within a team and a club environment and the continuation of this key in Guan’s agenda. He emphasised how brilliant it was that Stirling Football Men’s 1s performance had been for the university. This kind of achievement he hoped to be able to help expand upon. 

“I hope to learn and experience different ways of thinking about sport and work with the staff closely. To work with students and communicate between, students, staff and coaches”

Voting opens on the 28th of February and closes on the 2nd of March.

Featured Image Credit: Zilong Guan

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