The hidden threat of AI

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Artificial Intelligence – the epitome of ‘fearing the unknown’. However, in this case, the fear is not unfounded. There is plenty to fear.

It’s the topic of video games, like Detroit: Become Human, and films, like Ex Machina; albeit they may dramatise a little. Regardless, media like this has allowed society to come to terms with the idea of artificial intelligence existing and substantiate their hesitations toward it.

The indoctrinated fear over the years surely means that now, in 2023, we’re ready for this next advancement of technology. Of course, we can handle the reality of the creation and evolution of AI.

Until we can’t. Last month, Snapchat’s AI bot stopped responding to messages and posted its (their?) first-ever story. This led to a trending topic on Twitter and had tweens, teens, and twenty-year-olds in a frenzy because they couldn’t understand. It was uncharted territory.

What do you do when the artificial intelligence created to serve you, stops serving you?

Naturally, Snapchat confirmed this was a blip in the system and not a real concern. This didn’t erase the already widespread fear though. It substantiated the horror of sentient technological domination.

It’s another log in the AI scaremongering fire that is nearly untameable.

However, the fear is misplaced. An AI revolution is not an imminent problem, but AI abuse is. Technology makes life easier, and what’s easier than having AI do everything for you? Alas, everything is the keyword.

Technology can be a fantastic resource unless it’s used in situations it should not be used in. In the US, lawyers have been caught referencing legal cases that do not exist; they’re generated by AI, and fabricated to be used as false precedents.

This is far scarier than your Alexa refusing to play your Spotify or ChatGPT putting typos in an email. It’s far more real than an incognito robot replacing your mother.

Ultimately, the reality is that no one is quite ready for life with AI; including those in office. Legally, it’s foreign territory so its jurisdiction is wildly complicated, and the popularity of AI is allowing it to grow faster than regulations can be made.

In the age of disinformation, artificial intelligence is an immeasurably large threat. Even if legislation was introduced, the technology is now in existence meaning the threat of misuse is indefinitely present. There’s a bottomless pit of problems and little to no solutions.

What can be suggested, other than to keep your wits about you? How do you prepare to fight an unknown threat? Fearing the unknown is more than justified when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to fight the brewing war against disinformation with more resources than we currently have because, as it stands, none of our artillery is a match against artificial intelligence.

Featured Image Credit: Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels

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Journalism and English Studies student with an interest in film & tv, music, and politics.
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Journalism and English Studies student with an interest in film & tv, music, and politics.
Live on Air3 Thursday 1-2.30
Twitter: @AlexPaterson01

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