Limerence, Bottle Rockets: A mesmerizing and moody Autumn anthem

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Bottle Rockets consistently release memorable, angsty singalong tracks and their latest single, Limerence, is no exception. 

Released on 4 October ahead of their weekend Barrowland gig, the song has that moody autumnal energy reminiscent of The Cure’s new-wave Gothic sound.

The Limerence breakdown

The melodic climbs- artfully building, looping and stifling the tension- are what make Limerence addictive. The instrumental sound accentuates the infatuation seen in the lyrics and title. 

Reverbs, layering and repetition circle the first third of the song, creating a hypnotically spiralling auditory experience. 

Then, the chorus breaks and the foot tapping trance turns into a full-blown 90s grunge teenflick hair-swishing dance montage. The taut musical incline has combusted, and Limerence reveals all its inhibited passion.

A sharp drum beat hones the angst, quick and consistent, with the bass line pulsing along in the back. The guitar is especially prominent in creating the dark, electric sound. Instrumentally, the ambience created by the band cannot be faulted.

Of course, the singer Kenzi’s ever-rich and melancholic voice is the icing on the atmospheric cake. Her delivery of Limerance’s lyrics solidifies the passionately yearning narrative; “you don’t get it” over and over again, “I’m in love with you” over and over again. Limerence easily convinces you of its plight; the heartbreak and frustration in the sound and story are unavoidable. 

Ultimately, the brilliant execution of Limerence is a team effort; Kenzi’s voice paints the picture on the canvas built by the instrumentalists. 

Making a song that’s both utterly relatable and a complete joy to listen to is staple behaviour from Bottle Rockets. Limerence is especially delightful to listen to as the nights draw in; it’s sound will be at home in your October playlist. 

The band’s hard-earned momentum and acclaim are only strengthening with the release of this latest single.

For more information…

You can stay up to date with Bottle Rockets on their Instagram.

You can also see them Saturday 7 October at the Barrowland Ballroom as part of the Tennement Trail festival. Tickets are available here.

Feature image credit: George McFadyen

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