AirTV Awards Night: Stirling Uni’s Oscars is back

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Get your best frock on and buckle up for the annual AirTV Awards and Film Festival (ATVA) as it takes over the Macrobert Main Theatre this May 9th.

The ATVA is a formal dress occasion where a showcase of short films is shown alongside the esteemed awards ceremony.

This year 18 short films are to be shown. The films will cover a variety of genres, displaying the range of talent and creativity that Stirling University’s filmmaking society has. But what films are actually showing?

The Ballad of the Indispensable Walnut Man

First on the list is a stop motion claymation movie, directed by the McQuaid brothers.

The trailer uses some sinister sounds and visuals, begging the question; who is the Walnut Man? And why is he so indispensable?

Door to Door

Current AirTV President Calum Cownie directs this seemingly Mormon core film.

With cheery music and great camera work, this trailer certainly piques interest. The cheesing, suited trio are sure to be up to mischief and Door to Door is sure to be a great watch.

The Lost Soul

Ellie Scoffield directors this eerie horror.

Be mindful of your popcorn when watching this one. The spooky red lights and dimly light figures will have the audience on the edge of their seats.


Changeling directed by Zoey Thomas was the second film announced.

This trailer reveals absolutely nothing. Is this a comedy, as the revamped Bluey introduction implies? An action, with frequent impromptu explosions? Whatever it is, it’s looking to be fantastically fun.

And Then There Were None: An AirTV Documentary

This collaboration with Stirling University’s Drama Society (SUDS) is a documentary directed by Kyle Bruce.

The trailer offers a funny snippet of some behind-the-scenes action from the SUDS Agatha Christie performance last year. The rest of the footage is sure to follow in the same stead.

Love it or Leave it

This is a mock reality show film directed by Joe Cromarty and Henry Swindells.

A rocky relationship with some comically elated hosts is reminiscent of those classic 2000s reality shows that always provided some scandal and some giggles. This spoof is looking to be just as fun as its inspirations.

Rock Hard

Director Maisie Pirrie’s Rock Hard has created a film in the much-loved rom-com genre.

Whilst mostly romantic, the closing pun and title of this movie show that it’s not going to be as sweet and innocent as the score conveys.

There are plenty more trailers to be released. Keep an eye on AirTV’s Instagram for more content.

Tickets for ATVA are available to buy here

Featured Image Credit: AirTV

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