Students are being urged to stay in their current households if possible

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As the new university semester is vastly approaching many students are being urged to stay in their current households if possible. 

This comes after Scotland entered a new lockdown on Monday 4 January due to the new variant of coronavirus which is spreading fast. 

Because of the new restrictions which have come into place the university is asking students not to return to university accommodation, if possible. 

However, if students need to return they are allowed and they are permitted to travel back to their accommodation.

The University said about students returning to campus: “Students should remain in their current household if they are able to do so.

“However, this may not be possible in all cases and, should you have to return to your University accommodation from anywhere in the UK or overseas – or commute to campus for educational reasons – please be assured that this is permitted as essential travel.”

To get students back into their university accommodation, the university will be operating a safe staggered return.

Students who are planning to return to the university campus have to book a return slot, more information on this can be found on the accommodation webpages.

Also, the university is also asking students who are returning to campus to book two COVID-19 tests, three days apart, at the campus No-Symptoms Test Centre.

Students can see the universities website for more information and booking details.

However, since all students wont be able to return to their accommodation during the lockdown the university has said: “We understand that some students will be unable to return to University accommodation during this period of lockdown.”

“For those impacted, we will issue a credit to your accommodation account for each day that you have been unable to return to your accommodation during this lockdown period. Full details will be communicated directly to University accommodation residents. 

“Centro House accommodation is a private owner and this credit process does not automatically apply to residents of that building; however if you have exceptional circumstances that you wish the owner to be aware of, we will represent your case to the owner for their consideration. Please contact: accommodation@stir.ac.uk

Also, for accommodation the Scottish Government has advised that any student who is planning on returning after 25 January should expect their return to be delayed, more details will be available on this soon. 

Additionally, in the announcement the university has also confirmed the Spring semester for undergraduates will start on 18 January, and postgraduates will start on the 1 February.

For undergraduates all teaching will remain online until at least February, with expectations for those studying vocational courses.

Postgraduate students will return on 1 February, with both online and in-person teaching planned. 

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