Scotland’s lockdown-easing plan set out

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Nicola Sturgeon set out a four-phase roadmap as to how Scotland will ease lockdown restrictions today at Parliament.

According to the plan, Scotland’s non-essential retail is expected to start reopening in the last week of April.

An earlier date of March 15th could see more schools reopening for all primary pupils, with some secondary pupils returning. 

These March changes could be alongside new rules on outside gatherings, where four people from two households could be allowed to meet outdoors. 

From April 5th, Scotland’s ‘Stay at Home’ message could possibly be lifted. 

Communal worship could also restart around 5 April, with restricted numbers. 

More easing on outdoor gathering is also expected around this date, allowing six people from two households to meet outdoors. 

The 5th of April could see the reopening of retail in the form of alterations to the definition of essential retail and the removal of restrictions on click and collect services.

In her statement, Sturgeon said it would be necessary to “rely very heavily” on restrictions to help suppress the virus for “a bit longer”.

The First Minister also said the aim was to move back to a tier system of restrictions from the last week in April.

Nicola Sturgeon said: “At that stage, we hope that all parts of the country currently in level four will be able to move out of level four and back initially to level three – possibly with some revision to the content of the levels.”

More details will be set out in March, which will include the order in which parts of the economy will reopen. 

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