Union Elections Results

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Stirling Student’s Union 2021 results have been announced, here are the results.

For the part time roles: 

Housing Officer: Louis Kennedy has been elected with 872 votes.

Media Officer: Calum Sutherland has won with 649 votes.

Co-Curricular Officer: Jamie McDiarmid has won with 997 votes.

Arts Officer: Sanhita Gokhale won with 573 votes.

International Officer: Anuoluwapo Adegbola won with 689 votes.

Sustainability Officer: Caitlin Turner won with 798 votes.

Sports Communication Officer: Juliette Oliveras won with 1015 votes.

Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer: Tash Miller has won with 1000 votes.

Health and Wellbeing Officer: Esme Foxworthy-Bowers won with 808 votes. 

The winners of the sabbatical roles were: 

Vice President Education: Calum Brown won with 812 votes.

Vice President Communities: Alyson Mackay won with 441 votes.

Sports President: Sophie Charlton won with 701 votes.

Union President: Nela Cadinanos Gonzales won with 546 votes.

In total there was 1569 individual voters and 15541.

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