Bleed Green TV relaunches with a new strategy

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The University of Stirling’s student sports show, Bleed Green TV, has announced its relaunch after a year-long hiatus.

Bleed Green TV Showrunner Cameron Johnstone said: “I decided to relaunch Bleed Green to help solve the confusion students may have when picking a sports society to join.

“I’m sure every student has had an experience of being interested in a particular sport but struggling to find more information about it, hopefully with this relaunch everyone will have an easy platform to answer any question they may have.”

Bleed Green TV was last active in 2021 but focused on longer 10-minute videos posted on the Facebook page. Johnstone has plans to change the format this time round. He said: “The plan for this year is to take advantage of the popularity of apps such as TikTok and Instagram by posting a short video promoting a club every week and providing everything you need to know about it.

“We will also be focusing on the sports give-it-a-goes throughout freshers to make sure everyone knows where and when to go to each event.”

The society aims to best promote every sports club that Stirling University has, while creating collaborative content with the other media societies and the Sport’s Union.

For the latest updates follow Bleed Green TV on Instagram and Twitter.

Feature Image Credit: Bleed Green TV

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