Opinion: Stirling’s City Centre waste collection needs a rethink

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I am so jealous of people with wheelie bins.

If you live in the city centre of Stirling then you’re stuck with purple bags.

Those of us that lack space for a physical bin are provided with purple sacks to dispose of our rubbish.

You put them out on the street between 4.30pm and 6.30pm, Monday and Wednesday. Only one bag is allowed per collection day and black bags are considered fly-tipping.

In theory, these purple bags work. In practice, they simply don’t.

Perhaps it would make sense if the collection days weren’t so close together.

In one and a half days, it’s difficult for smaller households to accumulate enough rubbish. After four days you end up storing full smelly bin bags in your house.

It’s also a two hour window to get your rubbish out on the street. What if you’re at work or have a class?

Unlike a wheelie bin, leaving the bag out attracts birds, rats and teenagers looking for something to kick.

Double bagging them is the only way to prevent seagulls and crows ripping them to pieces and throwing waste everywhere.

If you don’t put a black bag inside the purple bag then anyone on the street can see its contents.

I am sick of walking down the street and having to step over rubbish. The other day, I even saw vermin in and around the bags.

Not everyone can get to the Polmaise tip near Fallin, leaving no backup option.

The recycling situation isn’t much better. You have to store it in your house then cart it to your nearest recycling point.

A lot of the time these points are overflowing with recycling, with no room for more.

So, you have to take it even further.

It’s no wonder you see purple bags filled with recyclable items.

Polmaise Recycling Centre. Image credit: Daily Record

It’s time the city centre had their waste collections rethought.

Move the collection days further apart or stop limiting the collection to one bag.

Invest in stronger bags that aren’t easily pecked apart.

Add more recycling points or empty them more often.

Waste workers deserve a pay rise without a doubt.

Within a day of their strike, it was clear how much essential work they do.

To keep Stirling looking its best, the city centre’s waste collection must improve.

Featured Image Credit: Isla Glen

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