A wooden board covered in butter.
Justine Doiron and her butter board creation.

Forget charcuterie boards – butter boards are TikTok’s latest trend

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Is there anything better than bread and butter? TikTok’s latest trend will hit the right spot and be the perfect party food this season.

A butter board is like a charcuterie or cheese board – a sharing plate essentially.

This dish is easy. Just slather softened butter onto a board with any toppings you like and then scoop it up with bread.

Since the trend gained popularity, the boards have been topped with meats, fruits, vegetables and soft cheeses.

It is the perfect sharing dish for festive parties and you can add your own twist.

Why have butter boards gone viral?

Earlier in September TikTok creator Justine Doiron posted a video of her own butter board creation in the hopes of making it the next charcuterie board.

The video went on to amass over one million likes and other creators joined the craze.

Doiron showed herself smearing butter onto a wooden board, sprinkling salt over it and adding lemon zest. The butter was paired with edible flowers, honey, onions and coriander.

In the video, she says, “It just feels really communal and I love it.”


I like this one idk I’m in a silly goofy butter mood

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Butter boards were created by Joshua McFadden – an American chef and author – in his 2017 book Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables.

In an Instagram post, McFadden thanked Doiron for “sharing butter boards with the world”.

Doiron’s follow-up video told followers she didn’t like TikTok trends and the attention she had received was uncomfortable.

TikTok has given birth to copious food trends since it gained popularity, including repurposing tortilla wraps and baking camembert.

Sharing boards have been levelling up in recent weeks, with many TikTok users sharing dessert, pasta and bagel boards.

How do you make the perfect butter board?

The trend’s diversification shows there is no right way to have a butter board, it’s your preference.

It is important to make sure your butter is soft, so it spreads, but firm enough to hold its shape on the board.

Use a utensil suitable for spreading butter, like a rounded knife or a spoon, as a sharp knife will ruin the effect.

Set out knives with the board to avoid crumb-covered butter and use a board which is easily cleaned.

Try different designs. It doesn’t have to just be smears, make flowers or swirls and adorn them with fruits or vegetables.

Why stop at butter? Combining different boards will give your guests plenty to choose from. Add cheese, meats and other things that go well with bread.

Anything can be a sharing board if you’re brave enough.

Featured Image Credit: Justine Doiron

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