What are cosy games?

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You might have heard the term “cosy games” being thrown around, but what does it mean?

First and foremost, cosy games are all about the way that they make the player feel, so obviously, this can vary.

Typically, these games are simple and slow-paced in order to create a comforting and relaxed atmosphere. They are artistic with calm music. There is rarely a killing or survival aspect. Activities in these games often include cooking, farming, crafting, building or exploring.

Cosy games are the perfect escape. They remove real-world stresses by letting the player control the environment.

Animal Crossing gameplay
Animal Crossing gameplay. Image Credit: CNET / Nintendo

For instance, Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched during the first Coronavirus lockdown and became exactly what players needed. Players could design their own dream getaway or feel a sense of accomplishment by fishing or catching bugs. Your only worry was repaying your debt to a raccoon or making sure your turnips didn’t rot.

Character interaction tends to be at the heart of these games. This is evident in Stardew Valley where the player is tasked with restoring a rundown farm and engaging with the community. When relationships strengthen, new options, cutscenes and even quests can open up.

The likes of Bear and Breakfast is frequently described as cosy based on how it feels. You play as a bear running a bed and breakfast in the forest, and you need to manage your inn, explore the surroundings and make new friends. While the game features cosy activities, the cute art style and peaceful music make it great.

cartoon man cooking
Link cooking in Breath of the Wild. Image Credit: Games Radar / Nintendo

Some games are debatably cosy. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has plenty of risk and combat, but it also has a huge open world to explore and characters to meet along the way. The game has easy tasks and simple puzzles with a backdrop of tranquil piano notes that generate a cosy ambience.

Similarly, Minecraft is plenty perilous, but the game is entirely in the player’s hands. You can cook, farm, craft, build and explore. With each update comes new possibilities and 1.20’s new wood types will fulfil many architectural dreams.

In a world where uncertainty is the norm, it’s no wonder that cosy games have become increasingly popular. Why wouldn’t you want to take a break and enjoy a little slice of virtual tranquillity?

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