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AirTV announce return of “ATVA” filmmaking awards

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The University of Stirling student filmmaking society, AirTV, has announced that this year’s ATVA’s (Air TV awards) will take place on May 30th at 7p.m.

The awards ceremony which will be held in person for the first time in three years, will be held in the main house of the Macrobert Arts Centre and will see students create their own films to be judged by a panel of individuals with experience in the film industry.

The awards include categories such as the “People’s Choice Award” where individuals in the audience can voice their opinion and vote for the best film on the night of the event, alongside award categories such as “best director” and “best performance”.

Tickets for the event are available to purchase from the Macrobert Arts Centre website and cost £8 for individuals who are not members of the filmmaking society, whilst society members can buy a ticket for £6.

Credit: AirTV

Commenting on the upcoming event, AirTV President Iain Bayfield told Brig: “The ATVA’s are AirTV’s longest-running tradition, and we’re really excited to hold them in person again!  AirTV’s yearly Filmmaking Festival finally returns in person after a year online, where members can show off a short film they have made over the academic year”

Bayfield added that the films “are critiqued by a judging panel of industry professionals and awards are given out accordingly.”

Bayfield concluded by inviting others to come along and participate in the event. He said: “you are invited to watch the films on the big screen and vote on the People’s Choice Awards. Tickets are available on the Macroberts website, and we hope to see you there!”

Tickets for the event can be purchased from the Macrobert Arts Centre website linked here. The society has released a trailer to advertise the event, which can be found here

Featured Image Credit: AirTV

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