BBC Ghosts final series: Hearts warmed and loose ends tied ★★★★★

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Tender moments whilst tickling you pink is BBC Ghosts’ speciality, and the final season is no exception.

Its not entirely family-friendly humour, sentimental teaching moments and unique depiction of spectres from all eras have earned Ghosts the title of one of Friday night BBC TV’s most consistently funny and most-watched shows. 

However, it’s (nearly) time to say goodbye to our ghosties. Season five is the conclusion of the main story. We’ve only this year’s Christmas special left before a firm farewell is given.  

Many of the ghosts’ deaths, lives, and afterlives were still shrouded in mystery before season five commenced. Luckily for fans, the Six Idiots – as the creators are fondly referred to – unveiled all the fans could hope to know. They even finally revealed the Captain’s name… 

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Old tales and new beginnings 

In typical familial fashion, each Ghosts episode had Alison (Charlotte Richie) and the ghosts at heads, with Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) blissfully – or unblissfully – unaware of the ghosts’ precise comings and goings.  

Amongst the playful ruckus and money worries, more ghosts’ secrets were revealed. 

At long last, we got the much-anticipated reveal of Kitty’s (Lolli Adefope) and the Captain’s (Ben Willbond) deaths. Theories and speculations were, as always, half true but thankfully all expectations were met.

The reliable creators (Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard, Ben Willbond) delivered an answer both satisfying, sad, and sickeningly sweet for the soul.  

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For the humans, the usual plot line of money struggles to maintain the stately Button House persisted. The depiction of Alison and Mike’s cash-strapped lives is refreshingly honest; the home doesn’t look after itself.

It is in disrepair because they cannot afford to fix it. Each season brings a new financial worry. It is especially stressful this time, however, considering they have someone else to provide for… 

Alison’s relationship became particularly strained with the most recent ghost, 90s Conservative MP Julian (Simon Farnaby). A moment from season one episode one was finally revealed, and the tempestuous fallout and confrontation threatened the risk of them losing it all.  

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However, despite hindrance and help from the ghosts, Mike and Alison’s beloved haunted house will see another Christmas, and BBC1 will deliver another final Christmas special. Perhaps with another Kylie Minogue feature? 

Final goodbyes… and final thoughts

To avoid spoiling the final season of Ghosts, I cannot write much more. However, I can persist that the writing and the humour were fantastic, as usual. The stories were entertaining and engaging, as usual.

The acting was admirable, especially by Smith-Bynoe, and the loving bonds between actors made for a strong cast of characters where one never overshadows the other… as usual.  

Ghosts has been consistently high quality since its conception: from the idea pitched, to the pilot, to the Christmas specials and the series themselves. It’s been award-nominated and critically acclaimed throughout its run, gaining fans from all backgrounds worldwide.

I can’t imagine any viewer is happy to see it end. However, the Six Idiots have heartbreakingly decided that now is the time to say goodbye to Ghosts

Knowing when to let a show go is difficult, especially for Ghosts. Alive for centuries, the options of stories for an audience to hear are endless. 

The creators, who are themselves the cast and long-time friends from CBBC’s Horrible Histories, have artfully decided it’s time to wrap it up. Ghosts could’ve had the longevity of The Office – however, season five proves they’ve hit a conclusive sweet spot.  

Laughs were had, tears shed, and questions answered; what much more can be asked for? BBC Ghosts has a wonderful run and delivered a spell-bounding series. The Christmas special will be greatly anticipated, and thereafter the ghosts will be sorely missed.

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