University requests students empty accommodation despite travel restrictions in place for international students

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Stirling Student’s Tenants Union (SSTU) has revealed the university is requesting accommodation halls be cleared by July 22.

A notice had been given this past week for students to vacate their halls so cleaning can occur.

According to a student who had contacted the SSTU, if students have not emptied their rooms by July 12 the university is going to dispose of their belongings.

The student said the university had given the notice this week. However, many students who are living abroad are unable to get back to Britain due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The university had recommended a moving company or friend empty the rooms of students’ who are unable to get to Britain.

But the student has claimed the cost of a removal company is around £750, an extra expense many may not be able to afford.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to make changes to the travel restrictions on Monday, June 29 now Britain has significantly reduced lockdown rules during the pandemic.

The university are claimed to have said the clearing out of accommodation rooms is to happen now to make way for cleaning before the early arrival of students for the autumn semester.

The student has claimed they were previously told not to worry about their belongings over summer. After they complained to the university, they were told many students were unable to return until July/August time, hence why they are requesting rooms to be cleared now.

The university said: “In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University extended the departure period for all students in our accommodation. 

In order to protect the health and wellbeing of students moving into our accommodation for the new semester, we are conducting a deep clean of all of our rooms. To facilitate this work, former tenants who have left belongings in their rooms have been asked to inform the University by July 10 whether they intend to uplift their items. In line with Scottish Government guidance, those students who get in touch will be supported in making appropriate arrangements for the safe pick up, storage or disposal of their belongings. In cases where international travel restrictions prevent the collection of belongings, we will work with students to facilitate safe storage. 

The majority of students who left belongings behind have already booked a collection slot, and those who have not have until July 10 to get in touch. If the University has not heard from students by this deadline, their former rooms will be cleared to enable cleaning work to begin, as the University is unable to store students’ belongings indefinitely.”

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