Stirling Uni took £37k in parking charges since 2017

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The university received £37,600 in parking fines from university car parks since 2017. 

An FOI obtained by BRIG shows in the past five years 10,023 permits were given to staff and students- 4240 for staff and 5783 for students.

It has been revealed 2019 was the year the university received the most amount of money from parking tickets.

They gave out 2176 permits for the academic year 2018/19 and 2553 permits for 2019/20. 

Throughout 2019, 1269 tickets were issues, the highest number in the past five years. From this, £15,667 was paid to the university in parking fines. 

In 2019, BRIG reported on Bridge of Allan residents slamming university management after members of the university community were causing chaos by parking in the village.

It later surfaced the cause of the problem stemmed from the lack of parking space at the university as well as the cost of permits.

Currently a standard permit for a student is £107.04, a double semester and a residential permit is £53.76 however, this is only until 31 August 2022. 

Usually a standard permit is £215.04, a double semester and residential permit is £161.28.

In 2018, the university saw £13,279 being received as payment for parking tickets being given. This was an increase from 2017, when only £5,551 was paid to the university when 2743 permits had been granted. 

Despite going into lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, the university had already received £2,861 in parking fine money. Car parking charges were then suspended until March 2022. 

However, the FOI can reveal during the year 2021, when parking charges were suspended, the university received £48 in fines. 

Earlier this year, BRIG reported on the reintroduction of car parking charges effective from March 1, 2022. 

The university has implemented a new automatic number plate registration system (ANPR) which capture registration plates as cars enter and leave the university grounds. 

First Parking issue private parking notices on behalf of the University for anyone failing to pay for parking their car, if the following requirements are not adhered to: if you have not purchased a valid permit, if you have not paid for car parking in conjunction with the pay as you go permit conditions, if you have not paid the pay to park daily charge. 

Since the reintroduction of car parking charges, the university has received £194 in fines, they have currently given out 2551 permits to staff and students. 

There are currently 169 tickets that remain outstanding from the last five years however, information on the number of fines issues are deleted after two years when they have been paid, cancelled, or otherwise closed. 

A University spokesperson said: “The management of car parking, including any associated charges, is essential to ensure a safe and accessible environment for all campus users. 

“The University reviews the arrangements for parking each year to ensure that, as far as practical, the demand for parking and the availability of spaces is optimised.

“To provide an alternative to parking on campus, we also promote sustainable travel options and encouraged students and staff to benefit from these where possible.”

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