Student’s Union adopts new gender based violence campaign

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Stirling’s Student Union has announced the adoption of their new campaign, Erase the Grey, to fight against gender-based violence (GBV).

The campaign developed by Glasgow Caledonian University contains key messages which challenge the stereotypical attitudes and behaviours.

It aims to reiterate the zero-tolerance policy towards gender-based-violence.

The introduction came after consultation with the University community- including staff, students, and victims and survivors of gender based and sexual violence.

The new Erase the Grey campaign will replace the multi-award winning #IsThisOkay campaign which has been running since 2016.

Campaign statements will be present across campus on plasmas screens and avenue banners. They statements will also contain information about how to report incidents and access support.

Credit: University of Stirling Student’s Union

Erase the Grey was officially launched at the end of November 2021 during the 16 Days of Action Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls alongside several events for students’ and staff.

The university is joined by other high education institutions across Scotland who have adopted the campaign which builds on the previous calls to action, challenging of stereotypical attitudes and behaviours, and reiterates and unambiguously zero-tolerance approach towards GBV.

This is another element of the joint strategy which commits the University and the Students’ Union to “take all steps within our power to prevent and respond effectively to gender-based violence (GMB) in our community, and to robustly address incidents of gender-based misconduct that affect our students’ and staff.”

You can find out more about the strategy and how to access support, at our dedicated website ( You can report an incident of GBV via Report and Support (

VP Communities Alyson Mackay said: “This campaign does not shy away from the fact that there is no grey area when it comes to consent.

For too long victims/survivors of consent violations, GBV and sexual violence have been the focus of attacks.

As a society, we need to make it clear that the only cause of these actions is those who perpetrate them. We hope that this campaign can shed a light on the reality that consent is black and white.

The campaign is not the end of our efforts and we will continue to do all that we can to educate everyone to prevent these actions and empower victims/survivors to speak out and get support.”

Feature Image Credit: – Stirling Student’s Union

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