Deputy Council Leader Disappointed by University’s Response to Complaint

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Cllr Danny Gibson has expressed his disappointment in the university’s response to his complaint over their handling of tenants in university accommodation.

In a tweet, Cllr Gibson said: “I received a reply from management this afternoon which was not satisfactory.

“I’ve responded seeking suitable answers to my questions.”

The Deputy Council Leader also questioned what other Scottish universities were doing in response to their tenants’ belongings.

Cllr Gibson then revealed “… Dundee University are not informing their students that the university should be storing their belongings as the Scottish Government guidance states.

“No mention at all of Dundee University being expected to store belongings. Also seeking to put entire responsibility for solving the situation onto tenants, their friends, families, nominees, commercial storage companies and couriers.”

Dunblane and Bridge of Allan Councillor Alasdair Tollemache has also written to the university over their actions at the request of one resident student.

In a recent update from the government, hotels will open from the 15th July and Scotland has lifted the two week isolation requirement for travellers therefore it is now safe for international students to collect their belongings.

The university stated they would not dispose of belongings of students who got in touch before July 10th and explained their situation.

International student Nathalie Hollede, 24, said: “Had the university waited to give notice for international students until the announcement, this wouldn’t have been such a mess.

“… and all those volunteers wouldn’t have had to spend energy and time packing people’s things! I was able to book a plane on Wednesday (15th) to come pack on Thursday.

“It’s absolutely a joke what they’ve done.”

Cllr Gibson has continuously supported the efforts of the SSTU and has been pressing the University for a suitable response to their decision.

A university spokesperson said: “In response to COVID-19, and to protect the health and wellbeing of students moving into our accommodation for the new semester, we are conducting a deep clean of all of our rooms.

“To facilitate this work, former tenants who left belongings in their rooms have been asked to advise the university whether they intend to uplift their items.

“Eighty-five percent of affected students have already made contact with the university to outline their intentions and we are proactively trying to contact those students we have not yet heard from. 

“We have put in place a structured system enabling the collection of personal effects from our residences safely, in line with guidance set out by the Scottish Government.

“Where students are unable to collect their possessions, the university has been flexible by offering alternative dates for items to be collected and has also suggested a number of commercial options that students may wish to consider.

“No student has been denied storage of their possessions where their circumstances prevent them from travelling to Stirling, or where a commercial option is unsuitable.

“However, items cannot be stored indefinitely, so it is important that students engage as soon as possible to discuss their personal circumstances and to agree an option that works best for them.”

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