Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Review: So Kamala is…

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Kamala is in more trouble than she originally thought in episode three, ‘Destiny,’ of Ms. Marvel.

On the run from The Department of Damage Control, Kamala is picked up by Kamran (Rish Shah) and his mother Najma (Nimra Bucha) who is looking for help to get back home. Unable to aid Namja home, Kamala finds not only herself, but her family in trouble.

This episode again centres around culture and religion with Kamala’s brother’s wedding. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has lacked in representing different ethnicities and cultures over the years. While the studio is improving this, it still has a long way to go.

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The struggles Kamala is facing with her newfound powers are evident. She is trying to balance being a hero while still trying to live her teenage life. The thought of her having powers was greater than actually having them.

Iman Vellani really is the perfect casting for Kamala. Many people believe some actors are born to play certain characters and Vellani was certainly born to play Kamala. Ms. Marvel is her first on-screen debut and you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Fans are unhappy again with the change in Kamala’s backstory as the series seemingly takes another path from the comics. Episode three introduces a new race of superhuman beings, but not who fans were expecting. One scene in the episode hyped up the possibility of the long-awaited ‘I’ word but, it never came.

Only three episodes into the six-part series mean there is still plenty of time for the word to be mentioned.

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