Ms Marvel episode 5 review: The partition

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Ms Marvel episode five leads with an awaited backstory, but ends with the question of where exactly the final episode is going to go.

Kamala is flung back in time to the night of the partition as she learns exactly what happened on that night.

This episode tells Aisha’s story. On the run, Aisha finds herself in a small village where she not only finds a home, but also love. She falls in love with Hasan and they give birth to a little girl Sana (Kamala’s grandmother). Aisha insists they must leave India as she has been found by who she was running from.

Aisha and Hasan. Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Going into the final episode it is going to be a tight wrap on the show. With a lot of loose ends, it is unlikely that they are all going to be tied off.

The Department of Damage Control instead looks to be the main ‘villains’ in the final episode. While they have popped up through the episodes the ClanDestines looked to be set up instead as the main ‘villains’. The final episodes of many of Marvel’s shows on Disney+ have been rather anticlimactic by leaving the villains to be brought in the final episode and not having enough time to establish them.

There is speculation of another character to become the villain in the last episode. We see another character gain powers that are similar to those of Kamala’s and with his comic book backstory, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see.

With just one episode left the show is yet to confirm exactly what Kamala is. Episode five hinted at yet again the possibility of Kamala being Inhuman like she is in the comics. One scene in the episode led fans to make a connection between the crystallized state of those who came in contact with The Veil and the Terrigenesis process in Agents of Shield.

Encounter with The Veil. Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Terrigenesis is a process that happens when an Inhuman is exposed to mist from a terrigen crystal. The process triggers a genetic mutation and ultimately is what allows Inhumans to gain their powers. In Agents of Shield those who came in contact with the mist were encased in a rocky-looking cocoon. This is similar to the crystallized cocoon in the episode with those who came in contact with The Veil.

Throughout the season we have seen Kamala collect items from others she has been putting together as part of her superhero costume. With no proper reveal yet, it looks like they are going to leave it to the last episode. The small hints to her costume throughout the series however have been a nice touch.

Ms Marvel episode six airs July 13 on Disney+.

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