Loch View Wellbeing Suite welcomes Stirling students

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The Wellbeing Suite has officially been announced to students after months of trial.

The suite initially opened its door to students last September through word of mouth to see how the space worked and to get feedback from students themselves.

The Loch View Wellbeing Suite is situated in the Cottrell Building, room 2A1 beside the Queens Court Entrance.

The space is open Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for students to come and go as they please. The doors are open to every student.

Image Credit: University of Stirling

Mental Health and Wellbeing Officer, Fiona Glashan, said she feels like the space is now at a place to be introduced to more students.

“It’s a safe space, it’s a relaxing space and I think that it just ties in with what we know people are looking for.

“There has been a lot of changes […] with the pandemic and with other sort of stressors [such as] the cost-of-living crisis. There is a lot going on and sometimes, you know, the space, it’s free, its open and people can use the resources.”

The suite offers a wide range of resources such as books, games, arts and crafts, weighted blankets and more that students can use if they please.

Alternatively, students can use the space to study and be productive or just relax.

The space has sensory-sensitive lighting, mindful music along with a diffuser of fragrances added to relax and de-stress students.

With a sensory room which was designed by a group of students from the Student Union with University funding, the suite has considered how they can cover everyone’s needs.

Image Credit: University of Stirling

Fiona said that the suite “is still a work in progress” and she is “constantly speaking to students” when she can about the space.

You can find out more about the Loch Side Wellbeing Suite here.

Featured Image Credit: University of Stirling

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