Ms Marvel episode 4 review: A trip of discovery

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Ms Marvel is just heating up and there is a lot to expect with only two episodes to go.

Kamala (Iman Vellani) and her mother Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) take a trip a long overdue trip to Karachi to visit her grandmother Sana (Samina Ahmad). The trip is not just a visit but is also time for Kamala to learn more about the bangle and her new found powers. Even halfway around the world, Kamala still finds herself running from the ClanDestines.

There is a real sense of reunion this episode as Kamala and her mother go to Karachi to visit her grandmother Sana after a long time apart. This is the first episode that viewers are properly getting to meet Sana and see the rocky relationship between her and her daughter Muneeba. With Sana encouraging Kamala to discover more about her powers, there is likely going to be even more tension.

Kamala and her grandmother Sana. Image credit: Marvel Studios

This episode really shows Kamala in action and is the most action-packed episode yet. There are multiple fight sequences throughout the episode, which shows us even more of Kamala’s abilities. As the series goes on fans are liking the hero’s powers after Marvel announced the change of them.

Episode four introduces yet another group from the comics, The Red Daggers. Kareem (Aramis Knight) is introduced as part of The Red Daggers and is a possible new love interest for Kamala. We see the two get to know each other throughout the episode and there is potential chemistry between them.

Kareem and Kamala. Image credit: Marvel Studios

With only two episodes to go it is highly unlikely for any real relationship to come out of this season. The show has hinted at two other love interests for Kamala, Bruno and Kamran. Bruno is Kamala’s best friend and he seems to see more to their friendship than she does. Kamala instead was more interested in Kamran. With Kareem now in the picture it is hard to tell which character is set for her love interest.

Episode four ends on a cliff-hanger with high hopes for the next episode. Many fans online have stated episode five of each of the Marvel series released on Disney+ so far have been the best episode. The final scene lays the foundation as what lies for episode five and fans are likely going to get their questions answered.

Ms Marvel is the highest rated Marvel Cinematic Universe series on Rotten Tomatoes with a critic score of 98%. Fans however, don’t entirely agree, with an audience score of 82%. There is still time for the show to change fans’ opinions but, it is hard to predict what path Marvel are going to lead Kamala on.

Episode five airs July 6 on Disney+.

Feature image credit: Marvel Studios

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