‘Heartbroken’ student missed graduation due to Stirling University error

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A student was left ‘heartbroken’ after an administrative error meant they did not receive an invite to their rescheduled graduation ceremony.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I realised I’d missed graduation when I received a phone call inquiring my whereabouts, ten minutes before the ceremony. 

“I had received no direct correspondence from the University prior to this point regarding rescheduled graduations from 2020.

“I did register interest by email in March 2022, to which I was met with an automated reply and no follow-up: not any form of correspondence or invitation to attend.”

The student was “exasperatedly” informed on the phone that they could attend the other ceremonies. However, they said: “Indeed there will be other ceremonies, but not with my peers and classmates, without whom my experience in further education wouldn’t have been the same.

“Graduation – is a rite of passage – allows peers and family to commemorate the achievements of young professionals.

“Poor communication, management and coordination from my University have denied me of that opportunity. 

“I am disappointed and heartbroken.”

The student claims the University explained there was an “administrative oversight” in which the invitation was sent to their student email address, which they no longer have access to as a 2020 graduate.

“The oversight is nothing short of negligence,” they said.

Image credit: University of Stirling

The student has been in contact with the University and requested if they could arrange an academic gown to make amends for the error, but according to the student , the request “has fallen on deaf ears.”

In response, a spokesperson for the University of Stirling said: “The University has apologised to a graduate, following an administrative error in our graduation process, and we have offered to organise attendance at another ceremony.”

2022 marked the first time in-person ceremonies took place since 2019, with rescheduled graduations taking place for students affected in 2020 and 2021.

Speaking in January, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Gerry McCormac said: “Graduation is the standout event in the University calendar – a moment when we all pause to celebrate the achievements of our graduates with their family and friends.”

“I am delighted to confirm that graduations are planned for 2022 – and we’re looking forward to welcoming this year’s graduates, as well as those from 2020 and 2021, to campus to recognise this special moment.”

Feature Image Credit: Rio Kerr & University of Stirling

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