Preloved Kilo clothes sale success

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HUNDREDS bustled through the rails at Preloved Kilo’s first Stirling event held at the Albert Halls. Shoppers were eager to find unique clothing at £15 per kilo, with the queue spilling across the car park. 

There were vintage dresses to thick woolly jumpers, something for everyone and every season. Preloved Kilo’s clear bags could be seen full of clothes throughout Stirling.

Credit: Isla Glen

The stock was constantly replenished so shoppers had plenty of choice. All ticket holders received a hand stamp so they could enter the event throughout the day. This meant they could return to view new stock and find new deals. 

The staff were helpful and were more than happy to answer questions or point people in the right direction. There were fitting tents provided so that all clothes could be tried on before purchase.

Some items were not determined by weight, such as shoes which were only £5. These included brands like Converse, which retail at £50. Shoes can take up to half a century to degrade, making this a cheap and environmentally friendly way to shop.

Credit: Isla Glen

Every part of the event fit the atmosphere. The music played matched the retro style of the displayed clothes. There were signs informing customers that the plastic bags given were biodegradable, meaning buyers could shop sustainably without worrying about the impact of the bag. There was lots of choice, high quality goods and low prices, creating a highly successful event.


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