Five things I learned from my Dad

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Happy Father’s Day!

I reflected on all of the things I learned from my Mum last year, so this year it’s my Dad’s turn.

1) Put your loved ones first

No matter what, my Dad has always put us first.

University interview in Glasgow? I’ll come with you.

You want to come home? I’ll come and get you.

Need to buy a car? Mum and I have been looking, let’s go and see one.

Walk in the pouring rain? You’ll be soaking, but I’m sure we can find shelter.

My Dad would do anything to help us out. He worked hard to put food on the table and clothes on our backs – something we’ve all heard but is true.

Isla and her family out on a walk. Credit: Isla Glen

2) The definition of hard work

My Dad is the definition of hard work. Throughout my life, I’ve seen him work in many different areas of farming: shearing, scanning, fencing, etc.

At lambing time, he would survive on hardly any sleep. He doesn’t often have the weekends off. He is work, work, work.

One of my favourite stories is about my Dad looking after me as a young child. That day he was ploughing a field and I fell asleep in the passenger chair. He held my head as he drove to prevent me from whacking it off the window.

My chosen profession will definitely be less physical but I’ll carry my Dad’s hardworking attitude. Instead of pointing out the car window saying, ‘I wonder who built that fence?’, I hope I can point to a newspaper and say, ‘I wonder who wrote that?’.

3) It’s important to listen

Whether it’s random facts or something important, my Dad is an excellent listener.

While he doesn’t always remember everything, you can tell him anything and he’ll gladly listen. He’s also excellent at giving advice.

Being listened to makes you feel important. My Dad would always listen to my stories and complaints without interruptions.

To this day, I always make sure to listen and try my hardest not to chip in with something irrelevant.

Isla and her Dad on a train. Credit: Isla Glen

4) To appreciate the little things in life

My Dad works in the middle of nowhere most of the time. He shows me pictures of beautiful scenery, animals and sunsets. These are things I take for granted that he appreciates and likes to share with me. Now I live in Stirling, I miss those parts of being home.

In return, I like to save silly little TikTok videos of dogs showing their teeth. This is peak humour for my Dad and can make him cry with laughter.

It’s important to enjoy nature, take some photographs, and laugh at silly videos – not everyone gets to enjoy the little things we do.

5) To never give up

If you want something enough, you’ll work hard to get there.

My Dad grew up around farms and knew what he wanted to do from a young age. He worked hard, never gave up, and now has a successful fencing business and smallholding with my Mum.

I’m very proud of what they have accomplished. With a bit of hard work, you can achieve whatever you want to. There will be low points but without them, you won’t feel as accomplished or thankful.

Isla and her sister as children with their Dad. Credit: Isla Glen

Featured Image Credit: Isla Glen

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