Alpacas with students outside the Student's Union. Image credit: Stirling Students' Union

Stirling Union to revote on ban of ‘llama’ and animal events

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The University of Stirling’s Students’ Union will revote on the removal of llamas and live animal displays at their general meeting on February 2.

The motion was resubmitted by Aaron Caufield and Imogen Robertson, who were behind the Union’s 2025 plant-based catering commitment that made national headlines.

It asks for the Union to cease its use of captive animals for the purpose of entertainment.

All animals would be banned, including the annual ‘Alpacas on Campus’ events and any destress dogs.

Despite alpacas being used annually at Union events, the motion focuses on llamas.

The proposal fell at November’s general meeting and has now been amended to exclude the Sports Union.

The Union would also have to refrain from endorsing these types of events.

Two young adults with an alpacca in the middle.
Students with alpacas. Image credit: Stirling Students’ Union

The motion claims that: “This Union has made a tradition of bringing captive llamas to the Sustainability Fair during Freshers Week.

“As llamas are a non-native species to the UK, their use in events necessitates the breeding and commodification of them.

“This is problematic, as we know from numerous studies conducted and multiple statements by IPCC members that the breeding of animals in general demands resources that otherwise could be used to benefit people.

“Regarding this, and the fact that the use of llamas in any events is unnecessary and exploitative, we suggest
ceasing the use of these animals in future events.

“It seems an insult to the idea of a Sustainability Fair to bring in a necessarily unsustainable aspect.”

The vote will be held over Teams on February 2 at 5pm and the agenda can be found here.

Featured image credit: Stirling Students’ Union

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