Tim Hortons 2022 Christmas Menu review surrounded by doughnuts and hot drinks.

Tim Hortons Christmas menu 2022 review

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Welcome to day 19 of the Brig Advent Calendar 2022!

I tried almost everything on the 2022 Tim Hortons UK Christmas menu so you don’t have to.

Over a month, I compared the coffee, hot chocolate, meals, doughnuts and Timbits.

Some were worth the trip, while others went unfinished.

And, where possible, I took advantage of the 99p deal of the week.

Here’s what I thought of Stirling’s offering.

Coffee: Salted Caramel vs Gingerbread

Tim Hortons Gingerbread Latte (left) and Salted Caramel Latte (right).
Gingerbread Latte (left) and Salted Caramel Latte (right). Image Credit: Tim Hortons

In our first contest, we had two coffee flavourings.

This was an easy win for salted caramel, a much more subtle enhancement compared to the overpowering gingerbread.

Gingerbread is a flavour that screams Christmas but it left a foul aftertaste when paired with coffee.

Perhaps with a little less syrup, the spicy tongue burn could have been avoided. I couldn’t even finish the drink.

The salted caramel version was perfect in comparison. Subtle, sweet and smooth.

It’s also worth mentioning that the drinks came in snowy cups and the Tim Hortons red made me feel very festive.

Hot Chocolate: Yule Log vs Spiced Orange

Tim Hortons Yule Log Hot Chocolate (left) and Spiced Orange Hot Chocolate (right).
Yule Log Hot Chocolate (left) and Spiced Orange Hot Chocolate (right). Image Credit: Tim Hortons

Both of the Tim Hortons hot chocolates were creamy, flavourful and festive.

The spiced orange, however, stole the stage.

It brought back childhood memories of smashing open a chocolate orange and pairing it with a cinnamon-esque blend.

While the Yule Log was good, it was just chocolate. For the merry price of £4.49, I wanted something more exciting.

The festive cups were, again, a bonus.

Meals: Turkey & Cranberry Melt vs Bacon & Cranberry Hot Dog

Turkey & Cranberry Melt (left) and Bacon & Cranberry Hot Dog (right)
Turkey & Cranberry Melt (left) and Bacon & Cranberry Hot Dog (right). Image Credit: Tim Hortons

Practicality was an issue with the Melt.

I love a toastie, but putting the cranberry on the outside was a mistake.

It slipped off and I ended up with sticky fingers and a loss of flavour.

The cheese, the sausage, and the melted deliciousness were ruined by a lack of cranberry.

I found the hotdog much more straightforward and the cranberry a brilliant addition.

The turkey Frankfurter was excellent and the flavours of both worked well, but the hot dog won because it was far easier to enjoy.

Doughnuts: Tree-mendous vs Snow Place Like Home vs Sprinkle of Magic

Tree-mendous Doughnut (left), Sprinkle of Magic Doughnut (centre) and Snow Place Like Home Doughnut (right)
Tree-mendous Doughnut (left), Sprinkle of Magic Doughnut (centre) and Snow Place Like Home Doughnut (right). Image Credit: Tim Hortons

Onto dessert, and again, practicality was an issue.

In terms of concept, Snow Place Like Home won hands down.

But it was tricky to eat, just like the Melt.

You break open the igloo just to be faced with half a doughnut worth of sprinkles.

Nobody wants to eat hundreds of pure sprinkles.

While I loved the idea and the doughnut itself – filling especially – was delicious, it lost to Tree-mendous.

The design was very festive and the chocolate filling was unreal, with a nutty note.

It made doughnuts more fun, in contrast to the simple Sprinkle of Magic.

While I enjoyed the moist chocolate – and an appropriate amount of sprinkles – it lacked the festive design of the others.

A fun Christmas doughnut should resemble something other than a doughnut in my books.

Tree-mendous ticked every box: looked festive, tasted festive and was easy to eat.

Timbits: Chocolate Orange vs Rudolph’s Nose

Doughuts and doughnut holes on display.
Tim Hortons doughnut selection in Wales. Image Credit: Mark Williams for North Wales Online

Stirling’s Tim Hortons only had two choices left for Festive Timbits when I went.

While I loved the concept of Rudolph’s Nose – a chocolate doughnut hole decorated in red sprinkles – the Chocolate Orange won my heart.

Just like the hot chocolate, the flavour brought back happy memories of Terry’s and I wanted something more festive than just chocolate.

The only issue I had here was that Timbits are incredibly moreish. I’m still dreaming of them.

Overall, I loved the Tim Hortons Christmas menu and would highly recommend the Spiced Orange Hot Chocolate and Tree-mendous Doughnut.

Featured Image Credit: Tim Hortons

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