Café Valentino’s opens in Stirling

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A new café called Valentino’s, has opened today, February 14 on Friars Street – with specialities for Valentine’s Day.

From the people that brought you Mint comes another delicious place for gourmets and coffee addicts – Valentino’s.

Brig reached out to the manager, Kat McMenemy, to ask a few questions about the new shop.

Kat has worked at Mint for a year and a half, and is now working at Valentino’s as well.

Q: So, I have to ask. The name is “Valentino’s” and you’re opening on Valentine’s Day. Was this a deliberate scheme?

Kat said the original plan was to open in January, but the date had to be postponed. Since the café still didn’t have a name by then, she came up with the idea how to call it.

“Everything would make sense if we call it Valentino’s and open on Valentine’s Day.”

Q: What’s special about this place? Why should people visit Valentino’s?

“Both manager and owner are foreign and will add an element of mixed culture, people will find themselves in Scotland but [at the same time] in another part of the world.”

Kat said they wish to “create a nice environment for the customers” by using candles and an ambient mood.

Wen asked about the menu, she described it as “romantic” featuring, for example, sharing platters for couples.

Valentino’s offers many breakfast options, focusing on a traditional Scottish breakfast, a favourite of the owner.

There are also many vegan options, like vegan sausages and tofu scramble.

“[It’s] something we believe no other café has here in Stirling,” Kat said.

Inside Valentino’s.
Credit: Julia Adamska/Brig Newspaper

Q: What is your personal favourite on the menu?

“Overnight oats. They’re delicious, […] fruity, with protein without being overly heavy.”

Q: And finally, are you planning anything special for the opening?

“Free heart-shaped brownies.”

The café is giving them out for the opening. To be eligible for the offer you need to share their post on your Instagram story or tag a friend in the comments.

“They’re delicious,” Kat said.

Featured Image Credit: Julia Adamska/Brig Newspaper

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