Juulia Spets, Co-Curricular Officer candidate, puts the student community first

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Juulia Spets, a third-year psychology student, is running for Co-Curricular Officer to “improve the community.”

She is experienced with running clubs and societies and passionate about the student body.

“I have so much experience with stuff like volunteering, and clubs, and societies, and I have this passion to […] be an active member of the community.”

Juulia Spets

“When I saw that the elections were coming up I thought that this would be such a great opportunity for me to help people, or help the community on a wider scale, and influence people.”

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

“I have experience in running clubs and societies, I’ve been on two committees, and I’m also part of the STEER programme, which is like a peer-support programme at the Union.”

Juulia currently holds a committee position as the President of the Psychology Society and used to be the Secretary of The Fellowship of Stirling Society.

“I think with my experience and my passion I make the best candidate.”

Juulia Spets

In her manifesto, Juulia focuses on promoting clubs and societies, as well as volunteering opportunities for students.

She wishes to “work with community campaigns and raise awareness to different things.” Juulia mentioned she is especially keen to “bring back the Wellbeing Week.”

To better support University of Stirling’s clubs and societies, Juulia would provide training for committee members.

She thinks there is much room for improvement, as the committees lack support at the moment.

The Co-Curricular Officer candidate wishes to “make sure every person on the committee feels confident being in [the] role they’re in.”

Juulia also plans to give different committees more opportunities to collaborate with each other.

She believes there isn’t currently enough space within the Union for that to happen: “I want to have that ‘community of communities’ that can collaborate.”

How do you propose clubs and societies’ committees should receive training? What would that training entail?

“Committees are all about teamwork, I think especially when new committees are elected in the spring semester […] it would be really important to have […] team-building exercises and these sort of training sessions.”

The candidate said committee members should be aware of how to work together and solve problems as a team.

Juulia wants to introduce the committees to their clubs and societies’ members, as they sometimes remain unknown to most.

She also plans to teach committee members of their specific jobs, for example showing the secretaries their management roles and how to book rooms for meetings.

Another focus of her manifesto is volunteering. Juulia stated she has experience in that area herself.

The candidate wants to ensure students are able to access various opportunities for volunteering, for example organising fayres that promote voluntary service, which could be held in person, or a website with voluntary opportunities.

She would like to create an “accessible page” that would be easier to navigate than Target Connect, and wouldn’t “bombard students with emails.”

Brig asked Juulia how she would encourage students to engage with voluntary services.

“I think it’s important to highlight the benefits that come out of volunteering.”

Firstly, Juulia stated volunteering is “a good way to give back into the community.”

Secondly, she said voluntary service is a “good boost for your CV,” especially for those students aspiring to get into master’s degree programmes.

She addded the experience can raise students’ confidence levels and help in setting their future goals.

“Volunteering is so important, and I want to really encourage people to do that.”

As Co-Curricular Officer, Juulia would raise awareness about current “important topics.” She elaborated this as organising more events similar to the Action for Ukraine Week.

“I want to help create stuff like that.”

Credit: Stirling Students’ Union

Juulia told Brig she was very passionate about mental health, which she believes has been worsening since the pandemic started.

Her possible solution is raising awareness by organising a Wellbeing Week at the Union.

Juulia’s idea for possible Wellbeing Week events are; a workshop to introduce students to different apps that can help improve their mental health; sessions explaining accessing professional help; yoga and meditation classes or light sports events.

Why should the students vote for you?

“I’m a passionate, experienced member of the student community and I have a vigour to make students’ lives better, and to make sure that everyone feels good, knows what opportunities are available for them, and knows that they will get support.”

Juulia Spets

“I want to […] be a middle man that people can come to.”

Featured Image Credit: Stirling Students’ Union

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