Students’ Union 2022 By-Election results announced

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The full by-election results for the Stirling Students’ Union were announced last night.

At the beginning of the ceremony Union President Tash Miller congratulated everyone for having the courage to run in the election.

There have been 677 individual voters and 2512 total votes recorded.

Election results

Arts Officer

Shani Doudet – 316 votes (ELECTED)

International Officer

Adhiraj Singh – 296 votes (ELECTED)
Ayusha Bhajanka – 163 votes
Iacopo Eliott Ivella – 57 votes

Media Officer

Ciaran Sweeney – 299 votes (ELECTED)

NUS Delegates

Results from Stage 8:

Aaron Caulfield – excluded
Ayusha Bhajanka – 71 votes (ELECTED)
Chiara Busini – excluded
Daniel McPadden – excluded
Freddie Petersen – excluded
Harrison Catling – 50 votes (ELECTED)
Iacopo Eliott Ivella – excluded
Jess Reid – 71 votes (ELECTED)
Katie Gethings – excluded
Ludovico Caminati Engström – 50 votes (ELECTED)

Sports Union Communications Officer

Siobhan Campbell – 311 votes (ELECTED)

Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer

Lauren Bullock – 330 votes (ELECTED)

Featured Image Credit: Stirling Students’ Union

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