Chainsaw Man Episode 4: Rescue continues the road of gory, raunchy comedy

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The latest episode of MAPPA’s new hit anime takes Denji, Power and Aki into the spotlight, finding balance between showing them in action and during their time off.

An intense, grisly battle sequence builds incredible tension as the characters compare their dreams and goals. Denji, whose goals are considered quite small and simple in the grand scheme of things, is getting laughed at by those who dream bigger. His persona is the perfect example of living one day at a time. He defends his small goals, however ridiculous and satirical they seem to others. His tenacity is part of what makes him such a beloved character.

While the first part of the episode shows pure action, with blood spraying the streets, missing limbs and furious Devils, the second part slows down to depict post-battle debriefs and comedic domesticity of the characters.

Power talks to Denji about their deal. Chainsaw Man episode 4.
Image Credit: MAPPA/Chainsaw Man

Aki’s daily routine is shown as a short sequence coming after the action-packed battle scene. The much slower pace is a welcome breather, nicely keeping the balance between fighting and relaxing in the series. Chainsaw Man has not shown that many domestic scenes yet and every single of them is a fantastic change of scenery.

The episode also introduces new characters from Tokyo Special Division 4: Himeno, who appears in two scenes, and two others who only make a small cameo. Their short appearance promises great scenes with these characters in the future.

Tokyo Special Division 4 makes an appearance. Chainsaw Man episode 4.
Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

Makima doesn’t have much screen time, only appearing in two scenes. Her way of speaking and carefully chosen words continue to show her in a way you would depict a secret antagonist. In the opening, she is portrayed making a frame out of her hands and peeking through it, almost like a director of a film trying to figure out the best way of running a scene. Will Makima be revealed as the manipulator of the show? This reviewer is intrigued to find out.

Makima listens to Aki’s report. Chainsaw Man episode 4.
Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

Chainsaw Man is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Featured Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

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