Chainsaw Man episode 6 provides some answers, but leaves with even more questions

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The latest episode of the newest hit anime Chainsaw Man gives us a glimpse into some backstories, but it’s not enough for the appetite for subside.

Warning: Spoilers from the first six episodes of Chainsaw Man

First of all, the episode title Kill Denji, gives goosebumps before even watching it. It’s like a prophecy – whatever happens, you know it’s going to be good.

This shonen anime is yet to disappoint, and the latest episode, while giving barely any action, is a masterpiece in building up anxiety and tension for an epic showdown bound to happen next week.

Last week’s episode of Chainsaw Man started the Gun Devil arc, which is likely to be the main storyline of the season. This week, we take a break to dive deep into a tertiary antagonist’s arc, introducing the Eternity Devil.

Kill Denji‘s new antagonist clearly holds a grudge, and is scared of Denji’s chainsaws. The devil wishes to see the protagonist dead. Most likely, the devil feels threatened by Denji, hopefully the reason why will be explained in episode seven.

The Eternity Devil is a good villain. He takes away the hope and pits the heroes against each other, stopping them from working as a team to figure out a way out of the situation. With how complex Tatsuki Fujimoto writes his characters, there might be an interesting storyline hidden there.

Himeno pressures younger Aki to start smoking. ‘Chainsaw Man’ Episode 6.
Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

Kobeni, a character only recently introduced, got a little of a backstory. She reveals becoming a Devil Hunter wasn’t her choice, and lacks proper motivation to fight. She immediately rushes to kill her teammate when promised freedom in return. Her fear, quite literally, feeds her enemy, and she cannot handle the pressure of the job.

Kobeni doesn’t seem like the most likeable character, but her cowardice isn’t enough to hate her. Her anxiety, sympathetic backstory and childish innocence, make you pity her, rather than hate her.

The katana Aki has been carrying on his back since almost the beginning of the show, but has never used, turns out to be even more mysterious than anticipated. Apparently, it is a powerful weapon which takes away from his lifespan every time he uses it. Aki’s dedication to the cause is proven as he’s ready to sacrifice his life to defeat the enemy, and to protect Denji, who he needs to kill the Gun Devil.

Is the katana itself a devil? This reviewer cannot wait to find out.

Chainsaw Man is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Featured Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

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