Chainsaw Man Episode 3: Meowy’s Whereabouts – emotional and stunning

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The third episode of Chainsaw Man focuses around newly introduced character, Power, who’s emotional journey throughout the episode makes it absolutely tear-jerking.

Telling the story of Power’s missing cat and her attachment to him, Meowy’s Whereabouts considers the Devil’s sociopathy and constant rejection of feelings, later forcing the character on a journey of love and loss. There is not only an entire backstory for Power, but also a full-on character development told in one episode.

Usually, hearing a character development happened in one episode, you’re going to think it was probably crap. Which this reviewer fully agrees with. Usually. Because, somehow, episode three of Chainsaw Man manages to pull it off without making the story seem too rushed and cheap.

Episode three reveals some of the characters’ backgrounds and picks up action. Makima is still an enigma, her god-like level certainly increased to the maximum in the outro, which depicts her as a goddess Denji is kowtowing for.

Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

Aki’s character is interesting in a similarly enigmatic style to Makima’s, but at least in his case, the audience knows where he stands with both his resolve and moral compass. It is clear what drives him, Aki has stated it himself, and his aloofness is likely caused by trauma yet to be revealed.

Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

Meowy’s Whereabouts followes MAPPA‘s pattern on introducing a new ending for every single episode. Ending 3, Hawatari nioku centi, performed by Maximum the Hormone, might be the best one yet. It shows stunning visuals and perfectly depicts the chaotic vibe of the anime. Going for 12 different outros in a season, MAPPA truly expects Chainsaw Man to become their biggest hit.

Chainsaw Man is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Featured Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

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