Why studying abroad is a great decision

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Ever wondered what it’s like to live abroad? Just imagine – a completely different culture, most likely a foreign language and thousands of miles away from home. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

For many of us students, that fantasy can become reality, thanks to the study abroad options for third-years. And we’re about to tell you why you should apply for it.

What is study abroad?

Study abroad is a year or semester you spend on an exchange at a partner university. You get to experience living abroad while continuing your degree. It’s like a very long holiday, except you need to open your textbooks, sometimes.

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Is it expensive?

It depends where you go. You might apply to a university in a country where life is much cheaper than the UK. If it’s still in Europe, you won’t even spend that much on the plane tickets. However, a lot of students end up on the other side of the globe, like in Australia, Japan or in the States. Plane tickets there are much more expensive, and costs of living might prove a little higher.

Is it worth it?

100%, you’ll absolutely love it. You’ll get to make new friends, explore new places and learn all about a culture from the locals, perhaps pick up a new language too. You’ll be the main character of a show. You’ll be Emily in Paris.

It’s a chance for personal growth, but it’s also a chance to flex to your friends that you’re studying abroad. Trust me, they’ll be jealous.

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Personal experience

Speaking from personal experience, there’s a lot this writer can tell you. I am currently doing my semester abroad in San Diego, California, and I’m loving every second of it. Truth be told, every day is an adventure. Meeting new people, exploring, partying, just living the American Dream.

I think what makes it so unforgettable is that it’s so different from back home, but also because it’s temporary. You know you won’t spend your whole life here, you’re just an exchange student in a foreign country for a few months. So, you try to enjoy every second of it like it’s your last.

That’s what this experience is teaching me, actually. Enjoying every second of life. Every time I speak to my mother she always tells me ‘you sound so happy’, and I am. Changing your environment is sometimes enough to escape all your problems.

So, need an escape? Study abroad!

Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego, California.
Image credit: Jules Adamska

Featured Image Credit: Jules Adamska

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