Odyssey: a Chinese cinema season starts in Edinburgh

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A film festival celebrating Chinese cinema had its opening ceremony on May 10th in the Cameo Picturehouse in Edinburgh.

The event included a speech from the organisers expressing their desire to popularise Chinese cinema in the UK, followed by the British premiere of Tracy Dong’s Hard Love (“炼”爱) – a documentary telling the stories of five different women and their approaches to love in urban China.

Opening ceremony in Edinburgh.
Credit: Julia Adamska/Brig Newspaper

The festival offers over 60 Chinese productions, focusing on the different genres within sections: An Exploration, Neo Horizon, Shanghai Animation Film Studio Retro, The Moving Image and more.

There are also multiple exclusive Q&As with directors and discussion panels to see. Starting next Wednesday there will also be a surprise film available to rent online.

The festival will last for a month, until June 10. It is hybrid, both playing films offline, as well as allowing for online streaming via its website.

Featured Image Credit: Odysseychinesecinema.uk

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