Chainsaw Man reaches new level of disgusting

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Chainsaw Man‘s seventh episode The Taste of the Kiss keeps the usual levels of bloodlust and gore, but adds elements so distasteful they might cause trauma for some characters.

Last week the fans were introduced to the Eternity Devil and its desire of killing the protagonist, for an undisclosed reason. Following the events from Kill Denji, episode seven portrays the fight between the antagonist and Denji.

The Eternity Devil. Chainsaw Man episode seven.
Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

The scene is, unsurprisingly, extremely bloody. But what differentiates it from other gory action sequences in Chainsaw Man is the absolute raw power of Kikunosuke Toya’s screams. His voice can shake the viewer to the core by how incredibly emotional and primal it sounds.

Denji’s voice actor once proves to be a brilliant choice for the character, bringing him to life in a way that feels unsettlingly real.

Devil Hunters from Tokyo Special Division 4 go out together for dinner and drinks. Chainsaw Man episode seven.
Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

While our heroes go out for dinner together in the second half of the episode, make sure your own stomach is mostly empty. Chainsaw Man tends to get bloody and disgusting, but the obnoxious repulsiveness of one particular scene will make people suffering from emetophobia want to skip it altogether.

That particular scene was the first time the anime has been censored, which upset the fans.

During a Q&A panel at Anime Expo 2022, a fan asked MAPPA CEO Manabu Otsuka and MAPPA executive director Makoto Kimura about handling violence in the anime.

Kimura said they would not censor anything in Chainsaw Man, but his answer was related to gory and violent scenes, rather than the one that ended up censored.

Drunk Himeno. Chainsaw Man episode seven.
Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

The Taste of the Kiss shows the consequences of alcohol abuse, but goes for a humorous approach. How funny it truly turns out to be might depend on a viewer’s individual sense of humour, but one thing stays certain – it’s nasty.

Makima drinking beer. Chainsaw Man episode seven.
Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

We finally get to see more of Makima, who turns out to be a heavy drinker.

Aki’s relationship with Makima is a mystery. The previous episodes and Himeno’s words suggest his infatuation with the woman, but after The Taste of the Kiss, there might be more to it. He clearly wants something from her, whether it’s affection or information will likely be revealed soon.

Chainsaw Man is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Featured Image Credit: MAPPA/Crunchyroll

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