A united union top priority for Sports President candidate Murray Bushell

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Sports President candidate Murray Bushell aims to use his committee experience to strengthen the links between all the sports clubs.

Brig sat down and spoke with Bushell ahead of the Union Elections next week.

The fourth-year Sports Studies student believes his journey at the university football club has given him the proficiency and skills to become a successful Sports President.

He said: “Throughout my four years at Stirling I’ve played for nearly all of the football teams. I started off in the 5’s, which is the lowest team, and I’ve worked my way up. I haven’t played for the 1’s but I am currently the 2’s captain.

“Off the pitch, I have taken up committee roles and have previously been secretary too. With these roles comes more responsibility, and I’ve shown leadership. I’ve enjoyed it and thought that I was doing a good job here.”

“I always work hard. I want to build upon Sophie’s success from this year and push on the Sports Union in any way I can.”

Murray Bushell

Outlining what motivated him to run for Sports President he said: “Throughout the year I have seen some problems that have arisen, so, I thought maybe I could make a difference and have an impact on the Sports Union which I hope to do next year.”

Brig also asked what Bushell can bring to the role. He said: “Based on this year my leadership skills.”

“I’ve also been quite organised, hopefully my manager agrees with me. I’m not president, but I’ve been helping out with the football club in any way which I can. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes at the football club.”

Image credit: Stirling Students Union

One of the key areas which Bushell is looking to improve is the coordination between different sports clubs. He is looking to create a more collaborative Sports Union, where clubs seamlessly communicate with one another.

When asked why this is an issue and how he would address it, Bushell said: “From what I’ve seen this year, if there is a problem between clubs you have to go from your club to the Sports Union and then from the Sports Union team you have to go to the other club. This can go back and forth several times.

“The problem is that clubs don’t really know each other so I will look to make a link between clubs.

“Instead of going from club to sports union to club can we just go club to club and then once everything is agreed then go to the sports union.

“We’ve seen improvements this year with events such as the Green Ribbon campaign and the men’s and women’s football festival event at the beginning of the year.

“I’d like to create more of these events to bring clubs together and encourage clubs to meet each other.”

In addition, Bushell states in his manifesto that the Sports Union needs to be available at all times for clubs.

To achieve this, Bushell states: “I want to dedicate my time on a Tuesday night to being available for all teams if any problems were to arise to make sure that no clubs are left without answers.

“This way, we can prevent any stress for the students and club and make sure matches are played problem-free!”

Finally, Brig asked Bushell to expand upon why he would be a successful Sports President if elected.

He said: “I always work hard.”

“Obviously Sophie [Charlton] has had a good year she’s really helped when needed, I had a meeting with her the other day – she’s been really helpful.

“I want to build upon her success from this year and push on the Sports Union in any way I can.”

Murray Bushell’s full manifesto can be found here.

Voting opens at 9:00a.m on Monday, March 14 and closes Tuesday, March 15 at 6:10p.m.

Feature Image Credit: Stirling Student Union

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