Wings Over Scotland calls Stirling student ‘wee pr*ck’

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Controversial political commentator Stuart Campbell labelled Stirling student Alex Swanson a “wee woke SNP Students prick”.

Swanson was speaking on BBC News where he was questioned on the ongoing SNP leadership contest.

However, following his appearance on the show, Campbell was quick to write a post on his blog, feeling particularly aggrieved at the BBC’s coverage of Ash Regan’s leadership campaign, he questioned Swanson’s airtime.

Campbell also showed his frustrations on Twitter.

In the blog post titled ‘The Old Ways’, he said: “Just 90 seconds of the package was given over to an extract of her [Ash Regan’s] speech.

“Most of the remaining five and a half minutes was inexplicably devoted to the opinions of Alexander Swanson, a chubby-faced, English-accented inhabitant of – ALERT KLAXON! ALERT KLAXON! – Stirling University.

“Even we’ve never heard of this particular member of the party’s hyperwoke student wing, but for some bewildering reason the BBC decided it was far more important that we find out what he thought than the actual candidate.

“Regan, in fact, was barely even mentioned in the conversation. Swanson started off by praising Humza Yousaf, spent a fair amount of time attacking Kate Forbes, and then expounded at length on the Gender Recognition Reform bill, the SNP’s coalition with the Greens and the party’s independence strategy, spouting flatly false statements with not the tiniest hint of challenge from the presenter, who served him up a series of softball invitations to share his wholly irrelevant views with the confused audience wondering who the hell this was and what he had to do with anything.

Swanson is the national organiser of the SNP’s student wing. Image credit: AlexSwanson532

“Swanson got more than three times as much airtime as Regan, to basically act as an unbilled Humza Yousaf spokesman.”

Swanson is the national organiser of the SNP’s student wing.

In response to the post, Swanson said: “Stuart Campbell’s ridiculous hatred of Stirling University and young people is embarrassing.

“The fact that he’s in his 50s and yet still cannot deal with different opinions on matters relating to trans rights and independence is pathetic.”

Featured Image Credit: Alex Swanson via Twitter / Pexels

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