Flooring in £20m gym deemed ‘Unusable’

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The flooring in the University of Stirling sports centre is ‘spongy’ and ‘unusable’ according to users.

The sports centre, which opened in November 2020, cost £20m to construct, features three key areas: a fitness suite, a strength and conditioning suite and a performance gym.

Complaints of subpar flooring in the strength and conditioning suite emerged at the beginning of this semester.

Alasdair Wilson, Team Captain of the Powerlifting Club, and frequent user of the sports centre said: “The sponginess of the floor leads to significant stability issues when squatting and deadlifting.

“This has led to multiple minor injuries and makes the strength and conditioning suite essentially unusable for a chunk of my training.”

The floor in the S&C suit was described as ‘spongy’. Image Credit: Andrew Robson

Wilson continued to say: “I’m fortunate to have access to the high-performance suite three times a week which has a significantly better floor, it’s odd that they seem to have got it right in one room and wrong in another.”

Also commenting, President of the club, Aaron Blackmore added: “I’m pleased with how the gym has been equipped compared to the previous one, the racks and specialist bars are fantastic.

“The only disappointing thing is the flooring in the strength and conditioning suite.

“It’s irritating how much the floor sinks beneath your feet when you try to squat or deadlift.

Blackmore continued: “I’ve picked up knee injuries from training in the suite which I’ve had to see a physio to resolve.

“It’s unfortunate because it’s a really well-equipped room which is unusable.”

In response to the issue, a spokesperson for the University of Stirling acknowledged the problem but dismissed that the flooring presents any safety issues. They said: “The University is working with contractors to improve the performance of the specialist flooring in our strength and conditioning area, to ensure it provides users with the best possible experience.

“There are no safety issues with the existing flooring and the area remains open and available as normal.”

Featured Image Credit: University of Stirling

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