Stirling University slammed for leaving footpaths unusable during freeze

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Stirling University was accused of disregarding health and safety during the cold weather last weekend.

As temperatures dropped below zero across Scotland, footpaths around the university campus froze over and were left unusable.

This prompted the Stirling Solidarity Space to post a series of photos on Instagram showcasing the conditions of the paths.

The post, made on Sunday 18 December, includes a picture of the accessible ramp from Cottrell to the University Bus Hub, which was completely frozen over.

“Is this actually what the university believes to be accessible and safe” asks the Stirling Solidarity Space. Image: Stirling Solidarity Space

It also asks “Is this actually what the university believes to be accessible and safe” along with the accompanying hashtag #DoBetter.

A representative of the Stirling Solidarity Space said: “The Stirling Solidarity Space is a group of students fighting for the rights of staff and students at our university.

“One of our members noticed the icy paths.

“It is a complete disgrace that the university disregards health and safety in this way.

“Many students, staff and visitors are at risk of slipping and getting hurt.

“Even worse, one of the paths they have left icy is the ramp from the bus hub. This ramp is used by people with accessibility needs to cannot use the steps.

The frozen footpath outside Cottrell. Image: Stirling Solidarity Space

“Obviously, it is not the university’s fault that there was such extreme weather, however, they have a responsibility to protect everyone.

“This is done most obviously by gritting all routes around campus, incusing and especially the accessible ones.

“As far as we can tell, the university did nothing to mitigate the effects of the ice on these accessible pathways.

“The university is supposed to be a public institution, it should not be the student’s responsibility to make them aware of blatant accessibility disregards.

“Seriously, University of Stirling, do better.”

In response to the images and the statement issued by the Stirling Solidarity Space, a spokesperson for the University of Stirling said: “The University takes safety on campus very seriously.

“Please be assured that the estates team works extremely hard to clear campus roads and paths, but as fresh snow falls and ice forms some areas are covered before the team can return to clear them.”

Featured Image Credit: Stirling Solidarity Space

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