Glasgow students could end up in Stirling halls

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In August, the Glasgow Guardian reported that the University of Glasgow had entered preliminary talks with the University of Stirling to house students in Stirling.

The University of Glasgow has experienced an oversubscription for accommodation and is already housing students as far away as Paisley.

This comes as Stirling is facing its own private accommodation shortage. Many students are still struggling to find a place to stay away from the University this semester.

The University of Stirling confirmed that initial talks have taken place but outlined in a statement that all Stirling students, even if they are not guaranteed accommodation will be prioritised.

In response to these reports, the University of Glasgow were asked by Brig if they felt housing students over 30 miles away was acceptable and why incoming students had no guarantee of accommodation.

A University of Glasgow spokesperson said: “Regrettably, due to a significant contraction in the private rental market, demand for rooms continues to be substantially ahead of expectation and we are no longer in a position to provide guaranteed University accommodation. 

“Despite having increased the number of rooms under University management by 25 per cent for the new academic year, we are having to prioritise accommodation for students who are unable to travel from home.” 

The spokesperson addressed the fact that the University of Glasgow is no longer guaranteeing first-year students a place to stay. They said: “We understand the concern students have about finding accommodation for the new semester. 

“While we are unable to offer accommodation for students living within reasonable commuting distance, we will continue to check regularly on the availability of private provider accommodation and will share updates when we have them. For information and advice on finding private rented accommodation we encourage students to contact the Students’ Representative Council Advice Centre.”

Given the current housing situation in Stirling, Brig also questioned the University of Stirling if all Stirling students would be prioritised for campus accommodation, regardless of their year of study. A spokesperson for the University of Stirling said: “We are continuing to prioritise accommodation applications from University of Stirling students arriving for the autumn semester.

“We have held preliminary discussions with colleagues in Glasgow, where student accommodation is currently oversubscribed, to understand how we might be able to provide support, should we have any vacancies for the new academic year.

“Any decision will only be taken once Stirling applications have been processed.”

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